How do I attract ‘qualified’ Customers and Followers with the Content I Share?

Forget excessive advertising, focus on the content that interests your reader.

When I write this, I don’t mean that investing in paid media is wrong, it is not. Advertising has its place.

What I mean, in fact, is that you’ll attract the most qualified audience, with a genuine interest in your work or product, by becoming a reference in terms of information. 

But how so?

I’ll illustrate my answer with an example, ok?

Personally, I have a huge interest in learning about optimal nutrition, as I’ve always had problems with gaining weight. Therefore, I follow several health professionals on Instagram and Facebook.

As time passed, I stopped following various profiles, because I had no interest in seeing their selfies, office rooms, addresses, and phone numbers, not even I wanted to enroll in their online courses, as I had no idea about which content, price, or duration of the classes they were offering.

When I started following these professionals, it was because they were still producing interesting content – which attracted me -, giving tips and adding something to me, but over the months the excessive advertising made me stop following them.

You might ask me: What, then, should I do to build my audience?

Give to your target audience knowledge in the shape of information: news, recipes, tips, personal and customer experience, pros and cons of particular issues.

In order not to leave my idea vague, I would like to illustrate good communication and digital marketing practices with an example in the same segment that I mentioned above: Healthy eating. Some time ago, I don’t even know how I got to the Instagram channel @vivoleve.

Janaína Marra, the owner of the channel, makes everything very explicit. She gives recipes; speaks of good practices in eating and cooking; teaches how to choose food properly; how to freeze; conserve; etc… The way she’s forming her community is commendable, as she gives more to her followers than I would expect.

Of course, she offers online courses, she sells them, but she is so generous and simple with sharing information, that there’s no way a person with interest in such a subject will not engage. If you are interested in healthy eating and digital marketing, her channel is an excellent example to follow, check it out.

Can you understand it? The fact that you are generous to your audience by giving them relevant information doesn’t mean that they’ll not use your service and will do (whatever) themselves. No. They’ll follow you, refer you, and have already become your potential customer.

But,  what kind of content to create?!

We’ll talk more about it in the next post.

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